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Easy Blog Jr.

The ultimate Wordpress/Edublogs app for young bloggers.

Easy Blog Jr. is the easiest blogging app available. Designed by teachers for early childhood and elementary classes, its simple interface ensures that children as young as 4 are able to easily post photos, video and voice-over-photos to a Wordpress or Edublogs blog. Older users can also publish text based posts. Requires a Wordpress or Edublogs blog with video enabled. If that sounds like too much work, try Easyblog.org

Key Features

  • Create and post photo, video or text
  • Designed for shared iPads
  • No reading or writing required
  • Dyslexia friendly font
  • Young user friendly interface
  • Easy teacher setup
  • Audio prompts and guide
  • Simple, intuitive steps
  • Custom designed camera
  • Left/right hand option
  • Teacher tutorials
  • Works with any WordPress blog*

*To create video and audio over photo posts, WordPress.com or Edublog blogs will need to be upgraded to include video support.

Your students will absolutely love the audio help, recognizing at once that it is the voice of a child. We have seen kindergarten age kids publishing their own voice over photo, and videos to their blog independently within 5 minutes of being handed the iPad with the app – it’s quite a sight to see!

Don’t forget, this app will also allow you to post ANYTHING on the camera roll to the class blog – so say goodbye to emailing those Puppet Pal movies and Explain Everything videos. This app absolutely moves the emphasis from technology to creation and content, allowing your students to focus on what’s important.

What do teachers think?

Here’s some feedback we’ve received for Easy Blog Jr:

Just wanted to tell you some exciting news! I had three teachers at my house today and showed them my edublogs site (which they were excited by) but then I showed them your app and how BASIC and easy it was for early years kids to blog, and well they were falling over themselves to get your app and begin blogging. They thought blogging was for upper primary and was too hard but I showed them your app and they were literally jumping out of their skins! I’m going to promote this app to everyone I know! I’ve never thought blogging could be so easy for kids (and teachers!) Thanks for finding me on twitter and supporting me!
Jasmine, Teaching Principal, Tipperary Station School

This app is awesome. Our teachers are jumping out of their skin to get it.”
Shannon, American International School of Guangzhou

My new favorite app Easy Blog Junior!”
Holly Clark, Ed Tech Teacher

I find having a class blog is much more manageable when the kids do all the work.”
Colby Sharp

This app is incredible. I knew you were onto something special and to see it come to life is awesome….This is game changing and I completely mean that.
Jarred Robbo “The PE Geek”


Got a question? Need some help? Head on over to our support site for tutorials on how to set up your WordPress or Edublogs blog and Easy Blog Jr.